Sunday, 26 February 2012

Here we have ANIMATOR, a 4 piece thrash outfit from Ireland. Straight off the bat we have full on thrash riffage not far removed from Sacred Reich, or Exodus. Opener 'False Flag Attack' begins with a solid mid paced riff, clearly written to enduce headbanging. This song has some really nice lead work, punchy bass, and the politically charged lyrics compliment the shout along chorus brilliantly. 2nd track 'Open Your Eyes' has this infectious main riff, and has the key element which I believe is paramount in thrash - it's catchy! The production of this 3 track demo is shown off in this particular track, the drums pound with clarity, guitar is thick and crunchy, the lead guitar is peircing with the vocals being clear enough to actually hear the words! The last track 'Welcome to the Human Race' is what really excites me, being based on one of my all time favourite films 'Escape From New York'! This track shows off some faster riffs, and again, catchy riffs, and some real cool reference to the film!

I really enjoyed this EP, and I look forward to hearing more from these tight, almost crossover sounding dudes. Check them out on their Facebook and download the tracks from their Soundcloud.

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