Monday, 27 February 2012

BIO-CANCER interview

Hey dudes! Thanks for doing this short interview, I appreciate it. Tell me a bit about the band and why you do it!

Well we are some guys just playing our favourite music, and having tons of fun along the way!!!

There are some really cool bands coming from Greece these past few years, Suicidal Angels, Mentally Defiled and Crucifier. What’s the thrash scene like over there?

Yeah the scene is great! Not united very much, but there are tons of cool bands!

The EP is amazing man, one of the best i’ve heard recently! Tell us a bit about the recording of it.

 We haven’t released an EP yet, internet is very misleading sometimes isnt it? Anyway there are some early recordings on YouTube, and some samples from our upcoming full length CD.

The artwork is fantastic, I myself am a fan on Andrei Bouzikov’s art. What made you go with him and how did you come up with song ‘Ear Piercing Thrash’?

Andrei is a great guy and true professional! We were familiar with his work so we were sure when we gave him the idea for the artwork that he will create a kickass image! As for the song we thought it was a cool title and fits well with our music.

This EP seems very well received (I fuckin love it)! What are the future plans for BIO-CANCER? Can we expect anything this year?

As I said we have a full length on the way (with the Andrei Bouzikov's cover that you have already seen) which will be very soon out!

Ok, some quick questions just for fun:

Favourite beer?
Any beer should do the trick as long it is cold!

Favourite thrash band(s)?
Kreator, Vio-Lence, Destruction

Any underground Greek bands people should check out?
As you said Suicidal Angels, Crucifier, Mentally Defiled , Released Anger, Mortal Threat and more!

Dream band to tour with?
Fucking Violator!

Listen to BIO-CANCER here


Fuck! BIO-CANCER has some of the most vicious thrash I have heard! The vocals just tear right through; you must get their EP ‘Ear Piercing Thrash’ available for FREE download on their FaceBook. These Greek thrashers have some really, really nice riffs, just listen to the chorus for on the title track, just makes you wanna go fucking mental! ‘Backstabbed Again’ opens with a crushing accented guitar drop out before assaulting with you with an insane guitar attack, just absolutely relentless throughout! Never lets up on the intensity, which is what thrash should be. No wimpy clean guitar or pedestrian riffs here – just blasting drums, cutting solo’s and a shit load of catchy riffs.  Throughout this whole record the bass is just rumbling behind the mad guitar, I love to hear the bass in thrash but sadly this isn’t always the case, but the huge guitar sound Antonis has laid down more than makes up for it.  The final track ‘Get Cancered... Now!’ doesn’t let you down, again a full on thrash assault. 

This EP has all everything I would want from a thrash record, savage riffs, gang shouts, shit loads of drop outs and barked vocals (very similar to Pat Lind of Morbid Saint).

I'm genuinely excited to see what more is to come from these guys, the next release is going to kick my arse. Just check out the artwork, done by Andrei Bouzikov (this how I discovered the band, I am a fan of his artwork, very Repka style). All you fuckers gotta get cancered... NOW!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Here we have ANIMATOR, a 4 piece thrash outfit from Ireland. Straight off the bat we have full on thrash riffage not far removed from Sacred Reich, or Exodus. Opener 'False Flag Attack' begins with a solid mid paced riff, clearly written to enduce headbanging. This song has some really nice lead work, punchy bass, and the politically charged lyrics compliment the shout along chorus brilliantly. 2nd track 'Open Your Eyes' has this infectious main riff, and has the key element which I believe is paramount in thrash - it's catchy! The production of this 3 track demo is shown off in this particular track, the drums pound with clarity, guitar is thick and crunchy, the lead guitar is peircing with the vocals being clear enough to actually hear the words! The last track 'Welcome to the Human Race' is what really excites me, being based on one of my all time favourite films 'Escape From New York'! This track shows off some faster riffs, and again, catchy riffs, and some real cool reference to the film!

I really enjoyed this EP, and I look forward to hearing more from these tight, almost crossover sounding dudes. Check them out on their Facebook and download the tracks from their Soundcloud.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Crushing 3 piece death thrashers NECRORISER from London, UK currently have a demo up for free download. I will be reviewing this soon as Mighell was kind enough to send me a physical copy, as well as the shirt. Cheers for that dude! In the meantime, have a listen, crack open some cold ones and get some real brutal thrash (no fuckin breakdowns or piggy squeals here).

During April, Necroriser will be on tour supporting Brazilian extreme metal heros Vulcano on these dates:

April 19th, Thu - Glasgow @ The Classic Grand

April 20th, Fri - Birmingham @ The Birmingham Ballroom 

April 21st, Sat - London @ The Underworld Camden 

April 22nd, Sun - Exeter @ The Cavern

April 23rd, Mon – Norwich @ The Waterfront, Norwich

Friday, 24 February 2012

Death Head (new song)

Now, the first band i'm going to feature will be some friends of mine Death Head from Gosport UK. They have recently uploaded a new track 'Terminator'. These guys have managed to get a sound that is reminiscent of early Flotsam and Jetsam, with some blatant Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica influence. The strongest points are the insane solo's (I think Rory was 15 when 'Terminator' was recorded!!) and Tom's screeching, powerful vocals. Check them out, I have been told more tracks will be up soon.

This is something I've wanted to do for while - I want to feature thrash bands from all over the world with reviews, interviews, features, podcasts, videos, all sorts really. I want to show my support for the thrash scene with this blog, and check out some bad ass bands in the process. I will be contacting bands, but if you want any feature of any kind send me an email at and we will sort something out. Cheers!