Monday, 27 February 2012

BIO-CANCER interview

Hey dudes! Thanks for doing this short interview, I appreciate it. Tell me a bit about the band and why you do it!

Well we are some guys just playing our favourite music, and having tons of fun along the way!!!

There are some really cool bands coming from Greece these past few years, Suicidal Angels, Mentally Defiled and Crucifier. What’s the thrash scene like over there?

Yeah the scene is great! Not united very much, but there are tons of cool bands!

The EP is amazing man, one of the best i’ve heard recently! Tell us a bit about the recording of it.

 We haven’t released an EP yet, internet is very misleading sometimes isnt it? Anyway there are some early recordings on YouTube, and some samples from our upcoming full length CD.

The artwork is fantastic, I myself am a fan on Andrei Bouzikov’s art. What made you go with him and how did you come up with song ‘Ear Piercing Thrash’?

Andrei is a great guy and true professional! We were familiar with his work so we were sure when we gave him the idea for the artwork that he will create a kickass image! As for the song we thought it was a cool title and fits well with our music.

This EP seems very well received (I fuckin love it)! What are the future plans for BIO-CANCER? Can we expect anything this year?

As I said we have a full length on the way (with the Andrei Bouzikov's cover that you have already seen) which will be very soon out!

Ok, some quick questions just for fun:

Favourite beer?
Any beer should do the trick as long it is cold!

Favourite thrash band(s)?
Kreator, Vio-Lence, Destruction

Any underground Greek bands people should check out?
As you said Suicidal Angels, Crucifier, Mentally Defiled , Released Anger, Mortal Threat and more!

Dream band to tour with?
Fucking Violator!

Listen to BIO-CANCER here

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