Monday, 19 March 2012

Bludvera - Terrorform

Bludvera from are a band I have been a fan of for some time. A few years back I got hold of their demo and was blown away by the riffs and solos, although the pedestrian drumming left something to be desired. This new release is a different beast altogether, and you need to hear it!

'Reanimate' kicks the EP off straight away with an assault of guitar and battering drums, a no holds barred attack! Scott's vocals (reminiscent of Schmier of Destruction or Gonnella of Assassin) power through, the drumming is refreshingly heavy and the relentless guitar blasts through the verses and chorus' at an incredible speed. Nice shouty chorus too! One thing that the first demo really got people by the balls by was the jaw dropping lead work, and there is no letting up here! 

The second track 'Powerhouse' sounds like a Deathrow track that Deathrow never recorded. This is no way a bad thing, just straight up riff laden thrash. Again, another catchy chorus possesses this song with stompy riffs throughout, and these are really fuckin good! This track just rips through, its over before you know it. 

Third track - 'Citizen Monopoly'. Begins with the whole band going for it, guitar, drums and vocals altogether and doesn't let up until the midsection, where you get a chance to rest (!) for a short time until the massive stompfest begins! CITIZEN! MONOPOLY! That's gunna sound great live! 

Just over halfway through now, and we have the title track 'Terrorform'. The lyrics in this are particularly good. Once more, savage riffery and blistering leads!! 

'Parasitic Death Sentence' has some truly crushing guitar work, and the mid section is straight out of Germany '86! This is on of the newer songs I've seen live, and its really cool to hear it as a pro recording. This song is mental, has some real cool changed and a great chorus. 

The penultimate track 'Voyage Beyond The System' features some of the fastest riffage on this EP, as well as the most memorable parts, the vocal melodies during the chorus are pretty sweet with some more Schmierisms! This track also has some jaw dropping solo's, these boys can really shred. 

Now to finish this tidy EP, is my favourite 'Conjure The Dead'. Now, I know there is no shortage on thrash metal songs about Evil Dead, but I don't care. This is another new one I have seen live a few times and was really excited when Scott told me this would be on the EP. I am not dissapointed! Someone needs to make a video with clips from the films, that would be cool. This has a chorus that will stick with you for days after hearing it, and once more - incredible solos, huge riffs and blasting drums. 

These lads from Liverpool have really conjured up a respectable interest, and quite rightly so. Having supported some of UK's best thrash acts and appearing at Bloodstock, we wouldn't expect anything less than this high calibre EP. I only have one complaint - no UGH!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


This crushing thrash act from Melbourne Australian are Sewercide, who have just released a 2 track demo for FREE download. Get on it! Ripping thrash in the vein of Demolition Hammer and Pestilence. I fuckin love it, has a real cool sound that underground thrash bands should, rough as shit, harsh metal! I'm looking forward to hearing more from Sewercide.

You can download the demo here:

And shirts to buy here:

Get some of this, crack open a cold one and enjoy some Australian thrash. Cheers!