Monday, 27 February 2012


Fuck! BIO-CANCER has some of the most vicious thrash I have heard! The vocals just tear right through; you must get their EP ‘Ear Piercing Thrash’ available for FREE download on their FaceBook. These Greek thrashers have some really, really nice riffs, just listen to the chorus for on the title track, just makes you wanna go fucking mental! ‘Backstabbed Again’ opens with a crushing accented guitar drop out before assaulting with you with an insane guitar attack, just absolutely relentless throughout! Never lets up on the intensity, which is what thrash should be. No wimpy clean guitar or pedestrian riffs here – just blasting drums, cutting solo’s and a shit load of catchy riffs.  Throughout this whole record the bass is just rumbling behind the mad guitar, I love to hear the bass in thrash but sadly this isn’t always the case, but the huge guitar sound Antonis has laid down more than makes up for it.  The final track ‘Get Cancered... Now!’ doesn’t let you down, again a full on thrash assault. 

This EP has all everything I would want from a thrash record, savage riffs, gang shouts, shit loads of drop outs and barked vocals (very similar to Pat Lind of Morbid Saint).

I'm genuinely excited to see what more is to come from these guys, the next release is going to kick my arse. Just check out the artwork, done by Andrei Bouzikov (this how I discovered the band, I am a fan of his artwork, very Repka style). All you fuckers gotta get cancered... NOW!


  1. Get Cancer now you fakers !!!! \m/

  2. Es el albùm mas impresionante de thrash de todos los tiempos increible disco