Friday, 29 June 2012


I fucking love this band. Not many thrash bands these days can really pull off the blistering pace that was set by the masters 20 - 30 years ago, FORCED KILL really rage. With a clear Dark Angel influence (The vocals are very Ron Rinehart) and lyrically, this is superb! However, where FORCED KILL really hit hard is with the amazing fucking riffs! Every riff just rips you apart, theres so many absolute crackers on here (I don't think they have 246 though). Think Deathrow on speed.

I seriously recommend you buy the Invasion of Steel EP from the band, easily one of the best releases i've got these past few years. Why this Finnish band aren't more well know I can't even guess.

I don't need to say anymore, just fucking listen and check them out, you bastards!! If you love real, hard hitting old school thrash (of course you do) then there's no reason you should not.

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