Sunday, 6 May 2012

Seprevation - killer death/thrash!

If you haven't already, check out Seprevation. Killer death/thrash from Bristol, UK

They currently have 2 tracks for free download on their Facebook page, but a 4 track EP is available from the band at shows! (Put up the rest of it dudes, please!)

Living Cremation and Prophet of Death are straight to the point rippers, played with insane precision (and live to!) with a refreshingly lo-fi production. All the guitars, drums and vocals cut through without blurring eachother out, Sadus style barked vocals, relentless drumming without being too insane, and mindblowing leadwork. These guys can really play, and there are some really cool bass bits which I love. Full of fucking moshtastic riffs, circle pit conjuring stompers and it really does remind me of Possessed, a little bit of Demolition Hammer and a lot of Sadus. 

Get yourselves over there, listen to some fuckin great death/thrash the way it should be and show these guys some support!

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